Journal of Food Science & Technology
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Last Updated on October 1st, 2021

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Title Journal of Food Science & Technology
Abbreviation SDRP. JFST
Publication Type Journal
Subject Area, Categories, Scope Food Science
h-index 69
Journal Rank 108
Impact Score 1.343
Publisher Sift Desk Journals
Country United States
ISSN 2472-6419
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Journal of Food Science & Technology

Journal of Food Science & Technology is one of the premier international peer-reviewed journals publishing critical reviews and commentaries of current technology, food science and human nutrition. Its role is to fill the gap between the specialized primary journals and general trade magazines by focusing on the most promising new research developments and their current and potential food industry applications in a readable, scientifically rigorous way.
Topics include new or novel raw materials including bioactive compounds, ingredients and technologies; molecular, micro- and macro-structure; new developments in food engineering; rapid techniques for online control; novel processing and packaging technologies; advanced biotechnological and nanoscience developments and applications in food research; quality assurance methods and application of -omics techniques; risk assessment of both biological and non-biological hazards in food; food allergies and intolerances; food function and relationships between diet and disease; and consumer attitudes to food and risk assessment.

Research Topics


The major areas of food/food products covered by the Journal are -

· Chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology aspects of food

· Emerging safety and toxicological issues

· Food and material engineering

· Physical / chemical / sensory properties of food

· Advances in sensory science

· Food quality and safety

· Nutraceuticals, functional foods and functional ingredients

· Biophysical analysis of food or processing operations

· Applied research related to food nanotechnology

· Emerging technologies

· Environmental, safety and sustainability aspects of processing

· Waste / by-product management in food processing