Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies
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Last Updated on October 1st, 2021

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Title Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies
Abbreviation SDRP. JESES
Publication Type Journal
Subject Area, Categories, Scope Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies
h-index 79
Journal Rank 128
Impact Score 1.248
Publisher Sift Desk Journals
Country United States
ISSN 2472-6397
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Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies

The Journal Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies (JESES) promotes rigorous research that makes a significant contribution in advancing knowledge about the natural world. JESES includes all major themes pertaining to Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental health, Environmental science, Toxicology, Forestry, Atmospheric Sciences, Geochemical Engineering, Oceanography, Water Resources Engineering and related fields.

Research Topics


• Atmospheric Sciences
• Climate Change
• Debris Flows And Subsidence
• engineering geology
• environmental climatology and biota
• environmental geography
• Foster Scientific Discussion
• Geochemical Engineering
• geochemistry
• Geo-Hazards Such As Earthquakes
• Geoinstrumentation
• geomicrobiology
• geophysics
• Geothermal Energy
• Groundwater
• hydrochemistry
• hydrogeology
• Landslides
• Make Scientific Publications Freely Accessible
• Maximize The Effectiveness And Transparency Of Scientific Quality
• Assurance
• natural resources management
• Oceanography
• Off Shore And Marine Geo-Technology
• remediation science
• Resource Engineering
• Rock/Soil Improvements
• Toxicology